Monday, September 27, 2010

Spirit of Nationalism - Independance Day Celebrations 2010

It was a great pleasure to celebrate 15th Aug with all of you. Pls see the pics of 'Independance Day Celebrations' at following link:
Thanks to all of you for your contribution so that we managed the function so well in a very short span of time.
We are thankful to our respected guests for their presence and valuable suggestions n guidance:
Mr Narayanan, MD ITGI, Ggn
Mr Kukreja, VP, ITGI, Ggn
Mrs Ratna Guha, Sr. Rotarian n Sr. 'Prayatna' member
Mr Bhavani Shankar, UNICEF & Misison Gurgaon Development,
Mrs Sunanda Sen, Professor, JNU, ND
Thanks to our Volunteers 'Aricent' team, Anulekha and Dr Damita (for programme preparations), Deepshikha ( all from IBS, Gurgaon)
and many congratulations to entire 'Prayatna' team.
And a special thanks to Suman Negi (HCL, Noida) who given all 'Prizes' for this event, even she was not able to come as she resides in Lodhi Colony, ND.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Art of Living Team conducted "Bal Chetna Shivir" for 'Prayatna' kids

Art of Living Team conducted "Bal Chetna Shivir" for 'Prayatna' kids from 8th to 11th June 2010.

"It was four day camp in which they taught good breathing and concentration techniques, conducted games and story telling and had lot of fun with children"

AOL Teachers Archana ji conducted the course and Dr Malti (from sector 22) and Narendra Shukla (Aricent Technical Trainer n Guide) assisted her.

A very senior AOL teacher "Raji Ma" also visited the school on last day i.e. Thursday and blessed the students.

Whole 'Prayatna' team is thankful to AOL team for their kind and invaluable teachings.

We hope in future we shall get more guidance and help for migrant children.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

After a 3 weeks struggle 'Prayatna''s 55 children admitted into nearby govt. school

I have a good news to share that our voice has finally reached to right officials and whatever points we have put have been approved !!
i.e. No fees, No birth or age proofs even no affidavits and nominal screening procedure.

DEEO Mrs Jyoti Chowdhary has issued a letter to 'Prayatna' for the hassle free admissions of children in nearby govt. schools.
In Ggn, simply no one even the officials, state administration and school authorities are not aware about the simple terminologies of RTE Act.

‘Prayatna’ team has approached and raised our points to the administration i.e. ADC, DEO and DEEO of Gurgaon. We have been running to govt. offices from last few days continuously.

In Last week we had a very good meeting with DEEO and ADC. They listen us carefully, got the raised points, asked about the exact help and directions and assured for the right and full support.

Biggest Demand: official notifications to all schools
In Haryana, proper notification of RTE is still under consideration among the Educaiton Deptt and ministry. They have given idea that state govt. is keen to work on it and in next six months there will be a clear indications and official notifications to all state schools.

All admitted children are all from migrant families and have no age proofs, no birth certificate, mark sheets and TC at all.

उपरोक्त सभी बच्चो के दाखिले के लिए 'प्रयत्न' पिछले ३ हफ्तों से प्रयासरत है.

आज दिनांक 19-05-10 को मोलाहेरा स्कूल के प्रिमरी हेड के आश्वासन के बाद अब 'प्रयत्न' के कुल 55 बच्चो का दाखिला सुनिच्चित माना जा सकता है.
अभी कुल २० बच्चो के लिए दिक्कत आ रही थी, जिसे आज 'प्रयत्न' ने हेड मिस्टर प्रोमोद कुमार के साथ बैठ कर सुलझा लिया.
उन्होंने पूरा आश्वासन दिया है की अब न सिर्फ इन बच्चो के लिए बल्कि 'प्रयत्न' किसी भी बच्चे को लेकर आएगा तो उन्हें किसी भी प्रकार की कोई दिक्कत नहीं आएगी और सभी का दाखिला उचित तरीके से किया जाएगा.

हम इन सभी बच्चो की अगले एक साल की जिम्मेदारी भी ले रहे हैं.
'प्रयत्न' ने अपनी तरफ से एक पत्र भी दिया है जिसमे इन सभी बच्चो के लिए भविष्य में उनकी देख रेख, उनकी उपस्तिथि और उनके 'ड्रॉप आउट' होने के कारन को रूकने के लिए होने वाले प्रयास की बात कही है.

"हमारा मकसद सिर्फ दाखिला करना नहीं है बल्कि सरकारी स्कूलों के साथ मिल कर काम करना है और बच्चो की शिक्षा से सम्बंधित सभी मुश्किलों को हल करना है. इसके लिए हम बार बार स्कूलों में जाकर इन सब चीजो की निगरानी भी करेंगे और स्कूल प्रशाशन को सुझाव और हेल्प भी देते रहेंगे."

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Congrats! Historical day – 1st April 2010 – RTE commencement date …

प्रयत्न - 'School of Excellence'
All India Registered Society under Societies Registration Act 1860
"भारत निर्माण की दिशा में एक सार्थक कदम"

“There is a great role of ‘Education’ in development of humanity; it not only creates good human being but gives great citizens to country”

Congratulations to you all that from 1st April 2010 all children of our country will get free and compulsory education in neighborhood school of their town or city.
Now it is the responsibility of the govt. that each n every child will be enrolled and will access the education without any cost bearing by their guardians or parents and ‘state’ will bear all cost n pain in this journey.

See how big change can come with this step; what power we have got. Now every child have to be ‘in’ the school and now it has become his/her legal right!! It is Act now!! And if we find any child roaming here and there and not even enrolled we can challenge it to the court! We can check and challenge the progress of school, their quality standards, their bad infrastructure and even their teacher’s track record.

But it is unfortunate that education has always not been among the top in priority list of this country. Even see the today’s newspapers RTI implementation news is published after the 6th or 8th page.

See the process, statistics and willingness of govt. in this regard:

1) Year 1950 – our constitution gives a clear indication that ‘state shall provide the free and compulsory education to all children of country with in next 10 years’
2) Year 2002 – (after 50 years of that statement) – an constitutional amendment (96th ) was made to make education a fundamental right of common citizen of country.
3) Year 2005 – after three years a common bill was prepared and presented in the cabinet of central govt. Had been referred to experts and committees for their kind consideration and possible changes
4) Year 2006 – It was presented again in cabinet and again it is referred to parliamentary committees for amendments due to lack of consensus on this ‘issue’
5) Year 2009 – Finally it was presented in both Parliament houses and somehow it was passed with lack of further possibilities, necessitates and provisions to add.

What lacking
1) Includes only age group 6 to 14; what about the below 6 yrs child?.. and what about after 14th? i.e. after giving elementary education till class 8th when the time comes to make a building on strong base govt. will not be there to take him/her further.
2) Problems in infrastructure – more than 10 lakh primary schools have not enough space and resources to accommodate such large children.
3) Are there available primary teachers sufficient to teach? Are they qualified enough? Even thousands are primary teacher posts are vacant till now and schools are running with 1 or 2 teachers??
4) Thousands of NGOs/volunteers/community leaders who are already involved in education/health/environment sector can’t be a helping hand for state. No initiation (provisions) has shown by the govt. in the Act.
5) Budget – need more than 40K crores and projected only less than 30K crores. They know, it is less but they couldn’t (?)

Despite of these challenges the important thing is how common person behaves on this implementation – is he ready to participate in the process of nation building? Should it be the sole responsibility of state? We all will benefit of this act then why not we indulge in this process for every child of our surrounding.
Law governs Education and law is equal for everyone. And now, it is the time for every child to get support to become good human being, intellectual and responsible citizen.

Are we all ready?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Annual Day Celebrations - 'Prayatna - School of Excellence'


'School of Excellence'

All India Registered Society under Societies Registration Act 1860

"भारत निर्माण की दिशा में एक सार्थक कदम"

"Where imparting the education is 'Service', where 'quality of service' is delivered by passionate, committed 'devotees' and where 'service to mankind' is considered as 'service to god' .. it is School of Excellence"

"आईये हम अपने आस पास के प्रत्येक बच्चे को साक्षर बनाये और एक शिक्षित और जागरूक राष्ट्र का निर्माण करे"

Thanks To All who put hard efforts in last one year, We have celebrated our first Annual Day on 9th January at Community center, Sector 22 Gurgaon। Following is the link to see the 'children's day' celebrations।

We must congratulate and thanks to all youth members who joined including our core members, all IBS management students, IIT students and my college mates who came very first time and grace the occassion.

We are also thankful to attented guests including

--> MLA Rao Dharampaal ji

--> Mission Gurgaon Development representatives

--> FORWA president Dharamsaagar ji (A group of RWA's and industries)

--> Rotarian Guha madam and JNU Professor Mrs Sunanda sen mam

--> All citizens of nearby sectors and Village prominent persons inluding Vinod Nambardaar ji

--> All media representatives

A journey of one year can be visualize by the following link.

With best regards,

'Prayatna' Team

Praneet Sushil

Founder - +91 999 009 4245

Thursday, December 31, 2009

‘School of Excellence’ Achievements

  • More than 150 students are coming in present two SoE centers
  • On 8th Sep (World Literacy Day) new 'Prayatna' center is opened in Molahera with 30 students.
  • Tie up with Literacy India (LI), a leading educational NGO in Gurgaon and nearby areas and a joint venture is begun
  • LI is taking care of all responsibilities of eligible 'SoE' children and more than 50 students will be the regular part of LI formal schools
  • A new primary education center of NGO Mahavir International is begun at sadar area of Gurgaon city with the help of 'Prayatna'
  • Deepawali 2009 is celebrated wholeheartly with children at 'School of Excellence' premises.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Expansion Plans 2009-10

"There is no single village,
town or city in North India
which is 100% child literate"

** Total Literacy Mission **
*** Mullahera Village, Gurgaon ***

भारत निर्माण की दिशा में एक सार्थक कदम

Working on the philosophy of taking small steps to bring about that big change, we have planned to expand our migrant child education program for the year 2009-2010. To cater the migrant population child education problems, we are expanding our ‘School of Excellence’ aiming to achieve 100% child literacy, i.e. to make each and every child between the age group 5-12 years of the nearby villages literate.

* Our main objective for this session is to obtain 100% child literacy rate for Mullahera, Dhundahera and Carterpuri villages of Gurgaon district.

* Students who have got admitted into village govt. school will be montiored by 'Prayatna' team. Only admissions into schools is not our motive, besides that regular monitoring of each and every child's progress and regular talks with their parents is our next move. This step will focus on drop out problem of migrant children. In any case regular studies and cope with their daily problems is our prime concern.

Mullahera being our target area in the past six months, due to easy accessibility and support from the local population including the panchayat.will remain our first focus area. Nearby villages Dhundahera and Carterpuri villages are also in our target area list as they accommodate large number of child laborers and migrant families who are considered deprived sections of society.

Target dates: We will strive to achieve total literacy or 100% child literacy by timeframe of one year from 1st July 2009 to 30th June 2010."

It will be the first attempt of its kind in this part of the country from any non govt. organization. It will have a huge impact on education campaigns or literacy programs running across nation which will certainly ensure a more literate and an EDUCATED INDIA.

Survey is being conducted-
a) To get the exact data of children population in Mullahera village having age above 5 years.
b) School is to going to resume from 4th July’09. Children covered in survey will be accompanied in classes at 'Prayatna' center.
c) A team of college students/professionals/local teachers is formed to conduct survey.

Keys to Success
* A realistic goal and a well planned approach will ensure the achievement of the purpose.
* Our team consists of dedicated and committed individuals who are completely devoted
for the realization of their dream of sending every child to school.
* All our team members are highly educated and working professionals who can apply their learned knowledge for this great noble cause.
* Help, support and guidance from senior members of the society, the likes of Mr. Joydeep Roy (CEO, ITIS) and Ex Army Officer Major General Satbir Singh promises fruitful results for the efforts of the youth.
* Support from the local population including the governing bodies like the panchayat will certainly be a key factor in the accomplishment of the mission.
* Support and Help from Global Organizations like CRY who works for child upliftment.
* Support and Help from other social organizations like NGO ‘Sparsh-ekPrayatna’ who is already serving the society on the child education problem.

A Request for all: We urge you to do participate in this noble cause with high entusium and help us out to achieve the mission. We respect your opinion and always ready to get your invaluable ideas, suggestions and contributions to make program success.

You can involve via:
a) Teach the children in your spare time either on weekends or week days. You can come either morning (from 9 AM to 12 AM) or at evening ( from 4:30 PM to 6 PM)
b) Donate books, copies to children and contribute in office logistics (mats or black board).
c) Contribute in teacher salaries. 'Prayatna' team will teach children in their available time but due to vast number of children in '100% literacy mission' few teachers will be hired.
d) Advertise our efforts with your local residents, friends, colleagues and related residents welfare organizations. If you are professional you can talk with the Corporate Social Responsibilty section of your firm.

"आओ पढ़े, आगे बढ़े " - 'Together we can Together we will'